Our rums

Rhum agricole AOC

Recognized by an appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC), Martinique’s agricultural rums stand out among spirits the world over. Compliance with strict specifications guarantees production quality, distinguishes terroirs and authenticates age-old manufacturing processes, from cane selection to ageing, without ever freezing the product or erasing its specific features. Distilled since the 19th century, Clément rums boast centuries-old expertise and know-how, inherited from founder Homère Clément and constantly developed by his descendants.

mastering gestures

A story of transmission and passion

Qualitative, singular and daring, Clément rums combine tradition and innovation. They are made to precise specifications that guarantee their aromatic and taste quality, while the subtle experience of cellar master, Julien ThimonThimon, surrounded by his teams and a tasting panel, contribute to the excellence of each cuvée of Clément rum.

Our cocktails

A multitude of flavours

The diversity of Clément agricultural rums makes it possible to create a wide range of cocktails: fruity, tangy, classic, complex… Created by our bartenders partners, our signature recipes will offer you a tasting experience rich in flavour.