Appellation d'origine contrôlée

Signature of Rhum Clément

The AOC Martinique, appellation d’origine contrôlée, label signifies an exemplary degree of expertise in every stage of production. We follow the rigorous AOC rules to produce rhum distilled from pure sugar cane juice with guaranteed authenticity and quality. Our rhums proudly wear the AOC label.


A group of experts

The in-house Tasting Committee regularly evaluates and tastes samples of rhums at various stages in the production process. With every sip, they evaluate the aromas, textures and flavors of each rhum to ensure qualitative consistency. The members of the Tasting Committee are also involved in blending decisions and the validation of new products. They work closely with the cellar master to ensure every barrel holds exceptional rhum.


Heritage and modernity

Since 2021, Julien Thimon has become the new face of Rhum Clément. After accompanying Robert Peronet in ageing and blending at Habitation Clément for eighteen years, he in turn became cellar master. In this role, he oversees all stages of the production process, from the selection of sugar cane varietals to the bottling of the rhum. While guaranteeing its age-old quality, he innovates, renews and perfects Clément rhums with bold new blends.

Canne Bleue Vintages

The iconic

In 2000, Clement created a truly unique monovarietal rhum agricole. This creation marks an important creative milestone: it is the first rhum agricole distilled from a single sugar cane variety, the Canne Bleue, for which it is also named. This distinctive rhum is the result of a passionate and demanding creative process. A white rhum with enchanting blue-violet reflections, Canne Bleue has particularly fruity aromas. It is renewed every year in a new vintage to truly display the singular aromatic profile and original fruity notes of the Canne Bleue.


A modern plant

With a floor area of 3,500 m², the new ultra-modern production building enables Rhums Clément to be packaged on site. Two bottling lines, a storage area and a shipping area ensure quality and traceability at every stage. This is also where the Clément tasting panel and experts bring out the full intensity of the flavors of current and future Clément rums.

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