Clément Blanc

Rhum agricole - White Rhum

40% vol. – 700ml

This white rhum is distilled from sugarcane juice as is typical in Martinique and proudly wears the “AOC Martinique” designation.


Vegetal and floral

Notes of lemon and white flowers with a long finish


Crafted following the detailed AOC specifications. During the sugar cane harvesting season between February and June, the freshly cut cane is pressed and the juice, or “vesou” is extracted. This juice is then fermented in open air tanks at the distillery for 24 to 36 hours. The wine or “grappe” obtained from the fermented cane juice is distilled to a maximum of 75 degrees to preserve a maximum of flavor.

Advice from Julien Thimon

“Perfect in a Ti’Punch with cane sugar or cane syrup and a lime coin !”