l'habitation clément

le domaine de l'habitation clément

A living heritage

Named after the famous family who bought the estate and developed the distillery since 1887, Habitation Clément is a vast agricultural estate nestled in the commune of Le François, in south-east Martinique. In the heart of the sugar cane fields lies a major heritage site, with its Creole mansion dating back to the 17th century, a contemporary art center and a complex dedicated to rum, its tradition and its history.


Awarded the “Remarkable Garden” label in 2015 by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, the park, which boasts a rare collection of over 300 tropical plants, benefits from daily maintenance that carefully preserves the environmental balance.


a veritable jewel of greenery

The old garden near the main house is adorned with traditional trees such as flamboyant, tamarind, breadfruit, mango and cursed fig, creating a soothing natural setting. The new park, created in the 1990s on the former industrial wasteland of the distillery, features an avenue of tall royal palms leading to the tropical orchard, a magnificent palm grove, a sugarcane field and a machine garden, bearing witness to the Habitation’s industrial past. The sculpture garden, an open-air museum, features a permanent display of contemporary works by the Fondation Clément, harmoniously integrating heritage and modern art.


a sensory space

This educational space offers an immersive experience of the history of the Clément brand. Partly digitalized and entirely scenarized, several areas allow visitors to discover the principles of production and taste the distinctive aromas of the Clément range.

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For many years, Habitation Clément has been fully involved in spirit tourism in Martinique, attracting over 200,000 visitors in 2019, making it the island’s most visited site. This success has made it essential to expand reception and sales areas to maintain a high level of service.

The surface area has been tripled, creating a new reception area, a new discovery boutique, a tasting area and a sensory workshop covering almost 600 m². These spaces have been redesigned to offer a modern welcome experience and sales outlets that live up to the brand’s reputation, with particular attention paid to the sensory experience of visitors.


art and heritage

The Clément Foundation makes a significant contribution to the preservation of the island’s art and cultural heritage. Founded in 1986, this not-for-profit institution is committed to supporting local artists, promoting contemporary Caribbean art and enhancing the richness of Martinique’s heritage. Through its exhibitions, cultural events and community involvement, the Clément Foundation works to nurture the island’s cultural identity and inspire future generations.


industrial world

Now transformed into a rum interpretation center, it explains how rum is made. The building and machinery, restored in 2005, showcase the company’s industrial heritage on several levels linked by walkways.

our rums

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